Therapies at Violet Rose

Violet Rose offers Crystal Therapy, Higher Dimensional Healing, Crystal Energy Release Therapy, HDH Unified Healing, Meditation Groups and Workshops.

Lynnette is qualified to an Advanced Level in Crystal Therapy, with extended knowledge & qualifications in Crystal Energy Release Therapy, Levels 1,2 & 3 in HDH Unified Healing, Higher Dimensional Healing and The Destiny Programme.  

Having completed Post-Graduate Research & Development and study in Crystal Therapy & Energy Healing Lynette now works with the Integrated Approach.

Fully insured & qualified, Crystal & Energy Therapy Techniques's at Violet Rose are recognized by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapist's), as well as being accredited by the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association).


Therapies include;

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Crystal Energy Release Therapy

  • HDH Unified Healing Therapy

  • Meditation Programmes

  • Adapted Therapies & workshops for Children & Families
  • HDH (Higher Dimensional Healing) 

  • The Destiny Programme

  • Distance / Remote Healing - 
  • Higher Dimensional Healing is equally powerful and useful for times where you cannot make it in person to me or another therapist for a 1:1 session. The idea that everything is present and we are not bounded by time or space, and healing energy is activated and made available anywhere in the world through this method. 
I do not charge for this service and if there is anyone you would like to send healing to please contact me with their name and I will include in my distant healing sessions which I am a part of a group who initiate this twice weekly.
  • The Integrated Approach,  - Wondering what the Integrated approach actually is?


Imagine a therapy so complete, so comprehensive, so individual and yet so inclusive.
A therapist who can lay out before them, to interpret and identify, a complete picture of a human being.
Who sees and knows the link between; thoughts, feelings and physical; pain, disease and ailments.
Whose toolbox is so complete, not only can they work to address the physical symptoms, but they are skilled enough to trace the root of the problem to its originating cause, be that; spiritual, mental, emotional, karmic or physical, and often it is more than just one.
They can then tailor a plan of therapy, so specific to that individual and their psychology and make up, to work towards physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, to wholeness. 
Who can work alongside the medical profession, to complement and also alleviate side affects.
Who is equipped to; spiritually, mentally and emotionally counsel.
To identify harmful patterns of thought and behaviour, use techniques and awareness to help overcome these.
To survey and identify the effects of the individuals environment and its impact – on ALL levels.
To physically create changes within the physical body, changes that would/could otherwise involve surgery.


 If you would like to know more about these therapies or any of our workshops, please look at the relevant page for further detailed information.  We also welcome enquires via the contact form below,