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A soul begins to breathe, this is the life we begin with a babies first breath in the world. Remember to keep the soul alive, allow the inspiration to flow into the heart, this is when life has truly begun, These blogs are written from an inspired soul on a journey of discovery. Please enjoy and allow the words to touch your heart with love, compassion and healing energy. Connect your heart to your soul and truly allow your true self to become alive with the breath of life.

Full Moon in Libra

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The Full Moon in the sign of Libra,

It is a sign of balancing, of careful weighing of values, and of achieving the right equilibrium between the pairs of opposites, when something we perceive bad happens our first reaction is that of an emotional one, we then seek Justice ! the old saying an eye for an eye. But maybe if we look again at the situation with fresh eyes, we may not seek that which we initially in the first instance felt was justice.

Stillness and solitude is sometimes the best course of action before proceeding to ensure the response is that of what is right leading from our soul rather than our emotions. This is the 2 great lines of force and we choose the way we travel guided from our heart. This meditation is aimed towards helping all who use it see that justice isn't about what we assume it is in our first response but that after evaluating and reflecting there are always other options and also other factors to be taken into consideration. It is not simply A or B, just as in life we should not restrict ourselves to boxes and labels.

Forgiveness is not needed for any misdemeanor or wrong doing, understanding with compassion and an open heart of another person and their actions is, then forgiveness is inevitable and the only way to move forward is together along your own paths of destiny but knowing you helped another with realising theirs.

  • Sit quietly and close your eyes, allow your body to become still.
  • Take 3 deep breaths
  • As your allow your breathing to return to normal, bring the attention to the middle of your chest
  • This is the Heart Energy centre, Where you hold your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, COMPASSION, and RESPECT for yourself and all HUMANITY.
  • Imagine you hold a newly formed Rose here, just grown from the tidy seedling that was planted not so long ago,
  • This Rose is you and all of your potential lies within the beauty of this flower.
  • The colour is of your choosing, whatever colour you choose, it is bright vibrant, full of love, support and acceptance of all living beings.
  • It begins to bloom and open as you hear the words "I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force"
  • As we hear this it touches our hearts, playing a soft gentle sound of music.
  • The Music continues to play as our Heart is opened.
  • Feel this music and every note as it plays in tune to the sound and the rhythm of your heart.
  • We hear the song playing reminding us we are all children in this world, and gather the words that give us the qualities that make us unique but the ideas how we all join together.
  • We hold the CHOICES we make within our heart,
  • We hold the key to unlock the TRUTH,
  • We hold the compass to direct us on our journey,
  • We have the ability to RESPECT all that lives and all that surrounds us.
  • We are LOVE in Human form, it is UNCONDITIONAL and sees only all that is GOOD within,
  • Just as we ACCEPT ourselves, we ACCEPT everyone else.
  • Just as we LOVE ourselves, we LOVE everyone else.
  • Just as we RESPECT ourselves, we RESPECT everyone else,
  • We hold COMPASSION within for all living beings, and in turn COMPASSION will be shown to us.
  • We remove the boxes that life has placed us in and become children once again, learning all together, playing all together, growing all together.
  • Like the Rose we held within our heart we too will bloom and flourish within our gardens of home, school and life all together uniting this as one life.
  • We remind ourselves that the energy of LOVE held within our hearts is available in any moment,
  • We use this as a way of moving forward, helping the world see the future ahead, with the possibilities and potential Children are waiting to unveil.
  • The possibilities are endless, waiting for you to join in and grow with all the other seedlings,
  • When you live this way, flourish and bloom, Along with all the other roses from around the world, you make a beautiful addition to the garden of this life.
  • When you are ready, feel the ground firmly connected with you like the roots of the flowers in the ground and bring your attention back to the room.

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