A Journey of Discovery

A soul begins to breathe, this is the life we begin with a babies first breath in the world. Remember to keep the soul alive, allow the inspiration to flow into the heart, this is when life has truly begun, These blogs are written from an inspired soul on a journey of discovery. Please enjoy and allow the words to touch your heart with love, compassion and healing energy. Connect your heart to your soul and truly allow your true self to become alive with the breath of life.


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Meditation is a part of life, at one point I couldn't imagine ever sitting to meditate or did I even know what it was! now I can't imagine life without meditating daily, even if its for 5-10 minutes, I need to create the time and space for myself to be able to connect to my soul and receive the higher inspiration that is detached from all emotional aspects of my daily life. By doing this you connect deep within your true self and receive exactly what is needed at that time to progress further within your life. Granted it doesn't always come at time of meditation it can come later in the day when you least expect it. Your soul needs a little time to ponder on the thoughts sometimes and will send you inspiration when it is exactly the right time to guide you.

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  1. sue orchard

    Hi i was given a Violet Rose meditation whilst meditating it led me to this search so im excited that you too have a version. I work with the Violet flame so i look forward to more synchronicities .Joyous Blessings

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