A Journey of Discovery

A soul begins to breathe, this is the life we begin with a babies first breath in the world. Remember to keep the soul alive, allow the inspiration to flow into the heart, this is when life has truly begun, These blogs are written from an inspired soul on a journey of discovery. Please enjoy and allow the words to touch your heart with love, compassion and healing energy. Connect your heart to your soul and truly allow your true self to become alive with the breath of life.

The Needs of the Soul

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Undestand the needs of the soul, accept it needs you to listen,
Become one with your soul then always listen to yourself, the voice from within,
When entered into the heart there is no greater voice.
Its beauty emanates for all to see, Its sound speaks for all to hear and Its love touches all who wish to feel the warmth.
The power is electric,
What comes from the heavens makes it way to the earth then must return on the path back to the source, connecting all on the way,
Just like a bolt of lightening, be all that you can be, and reach out to all you can and pass a little power along the way,
Do this in love, and it will be just enough to help another, you will not get a shock but a gentle sensation that the time is right and you are doing the right thing.
Remember your right actions and not be too forceful or you will hurt the ones you love, just as you have to find your way in this life, they have to find theirs too, but there is nothing wrong with lighting the path along the way.

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