A Journey of Discovery

A soul begins to breathe, this is the life we begin with a babies first breath in the world. Remember to keep the soul alive, allow the inspiration to flow into the heart, this is when life has truly begun, These blogs are written from an inspired soul on a journey of discovery. Please enjoy and allow the words to touch your heart with love, compassion and healing energy. Connect your heart to your soul and truly allow your true self to become alive with the breath of life.

United in Service

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13 June 2012

United in Service

My Solar Plexus, My Throat and My Heart makes 3,
3 beautiful roses brought together in unity.
Mind, Body and Soul makes me whole,
1 without the other and I would have no goal.
To feed myself I need to measure the fuel,
Knowledge, Love and Wisdom, with the power to suceed in life's school.
Who must be first, Nobody knows,
How do you know when your spirituality grows?
Spend time each day with your 1 true self,
This you must ensure that it is not left on the shelf.
Become centred, enlightened, illuminate the way,
Show others you wish they would come and share your day.
Help others in need, this is your soul's aim,
Be at service to mankind, but they do not need your name.
Just knowing you helped in some way, that is enough,
Knowing that your wisdom is shared to all with LOVE.

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