A Journey of Discovery

A soul begins to breathe, this is the life we begin with a babies first breath in the world. Remember to keep the soul alive, allow the inspiration to flow into the heart, this is when life has truly begun, These blogs are written from an inspired soul on a journey of discovery. Please enjoy and allow the words to touch your heart with love, compassion and healing energy. Connect your heart to your soul and truly allow your true self to become alive with the breath of life.


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11 May 2012


Look deep with your reflection, the mirror image of yourself, who do you see? Do you like what you see? Can you feel what you see?
Seeing is believing and do you believe in yourself? Belief is the first step to unveiling who you truly are........
The Fire we hold within sparks and ignites the truth as white light building with energy from your heart, when the heart is opened to the divine light i...t builds with intensity to eventually emanate and show the world this purest bright white light we all hold but are on a quest to discover and searching for... The light of belief, hope, happiness, love, wisdom, respect and most of all with feeling and the knowing that this is the right way to live this physical life on this earth.
Take each moment when paused to reflect and fuel the this flame from within by connecting to your soul and by opening your eyes to the world.
The world is full of beautiful magnificent things just waiting in anticipation we choose to see them. Wondrous amazing animals, landscapes, mountains and the emotional seas that connect the lands. next time you open your eyes by firstly accepting the belief in yourself be amazed just how differently the world can be seen when you are connected to your heart and your soul............

Lynnette Treadwell-Jones 11th May 2012

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