COMING SOON !! - New Purpose built dedicated Healing/Therapy Room and Workshop space, situated next to listed historical land. available early 2015. Watch this space for more news.


Welcome to Violet Rose,

You have taken the first step in becoming empowered to make those changes within your life needed to move you forward and alleviate the blocks that hold you back.

Our approach to your health and wellbeing is the understanding of what is required to treat you as a whole person, remembering you are more than just a physical body.

Working with the Integrated approach our Therapies work on the body as a complete system, treating the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Matters of the Heart and also Spiritual.

By helping to clear the energy blockages life can create; then balancing energies on a whole, a pathway can be cleared, created or even rebuilt for you, enabling you to arrive at your own answers guided from within, empowering you to deal with situations and be strong enough to make the changes needed to push you forward to where you need to be, towards your destiny. 

 Based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, we offer Crystal Therapy, HDH Unified Healing, Meditation Groups & Workshops

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What our clients say;
I have had quite a few therapies... I have found them relaxing, inspiring, and felt so much more confident; they have helped me to understand myself and life in general.... I look forward to it each week”          
(Kirsty, Kettering)
"I had pain in the back of my neck & my tongue felt weird, but after a session of Crystal Therapy, the pain was gone and I felt really relaxed."              
(Zoe, Northampton)
"I went to Violet Rose as my Puppy was poorly, after some hands healing therapy with my Dog, I was asked to go on the couch and I received a Crystal Therapy, in which all symptons of illness disappeared and we both felt great ! "
(Emma, Wellingborough)
I cannot quite believe how empowered I felt after the crystal therapies I received - not only was I able to deal with the pain in my back but also able to begin on a new enterprise of learning that I have been putting off for years. 
(Sally, Kettering)

Transformation begins from within and when the time is right to move forward and progress you will feel the need and the urge inside to seek something more....